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1. Vacuum SW Error: There is a vacuum switch in the unit that determines if there is enough vacuum pressure in the unit for it to run correctly.  This error will appear on the wall control if the vacuum pressure is low. Some of the things you can troubleshoot is to make sure the hopper lid is closed, the front door is closed and the exhaust fan and flue/flue cap are clear. More involved issues would be the vacuum switch hose is clogged, the vacuum switch itself is bad,which you would want to call your dealer for.

2. Bad TC Firepot: The TC or thermocouple is the located at the top lip of the firepot.  There is a "finger like" ceramic piece that extends into the firepot, this is the thermocouple cover.  Inside that ceramic piece is the thermocouple.  Sometimes the thermocouple slips out of the cover a bit which will cause a small air pocket giving a false temperature reading from the thermocouple.  When the unit is cold, try to push the thermocouple wire into the cover so that the tip of the thermocouple extends all the way to the inside tip of the cover.  If this still does not resolve the issue then the thermocouple may be bad and need to be replaced.  Please call us to set up a service appointment.

3. Comb Blower Jammed: The combustion blower is the fan that blows the exhaust out of the house.  This will get full of soot over time.  Try cleaning behind the baffle inside the firebox as well as the two rectangular slots at the back of the firebox which lead to the exhaust fan.  If possible remove the exhaust fan motor (see manual) and vacuum the housing and blades out as much as possible.

Note: The LCD displays on remote controls are sensitive to sunlight. Be sure to store the transmitter (the handheld part) away from direct sunlight, so that the LCD crystals do not fade.

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