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Quick FAQs: If the stove is not responding to your wall thermostat, follow these simple troubleshooting steps (more details are in the owner's manuals; see links above).

  1. If the stove is not responding to the wall thermostat, there may be either loose or dirty contacts between the wires and the stove.  Locate where the red and white wires from the thermostat connect to the stove, (either behind the left or right panel on an insert or on the back of a freestanding stove).  Take note of which screws the wires are connected to.  Remove the wires and clean the bracket to remove any caked on soot or dust.  If you have enough wire cut the tips and strip to the casing to reveal clean fresh wire.  Connect the wires to the bracket again.  If this does not resolve the issue the thermostat itself may be bad, call your dealer.
  2. FYI: The anticipater, which is the round disk underneath the cover of the thermostat, should be set to the lowest setting.  To do this, turn the lever on the right side of the circle clockwise so that it is at the smallest number .15  (which is around the 11 o'clock position)

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