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Quick FAQs: If the stove is not responding to your remote control, follow these simple troubleshooting steps (more details are in the owner's manuals; see links above).

  1. If this remote has never worked, it may just need to be sync'd to its receiver: Follow the directions in your owner's manual to sync the remote. For most remotes, this involves pressing the LEARN button on the receiver (you may need to use the end of a paper clip to do this, and should hear a beep), and then (within 3 seconds) pressing any button on the handheld remote (you should hear a few confirming beeps).
  2. If this remote has worked in the past, but now is not working: Either/Or/Both the handheld part and the receiver box may need new batteries. Try replacing the batteries and then sync the remote to the receiver again.
  3. If you have fresh batteries, and the receiver is set to REMOTE, but it is still not working: slide the switch on the receiver to the ON position (which will bypass the handheld transmitter altogether). If the stove starts in this way, then try re-syncing the remote (see step 1 above). If it does not work after re-syncing, then you may need to replace the remote. We usually keep replacement remote controls in stock. Bring in your old remote (both the transmitter and receiver) so we can test it one more time before you replace it.
  4. If the stove does not start when the switch is slid to ON: then follow the wires from the receiver and check they are securely attached to the terminals for the stove. On fireplaces and stoves with 3 terminal connections, the wires from the remote should be attached to the 2 outside terminals (not the middle one). If the fireplace or stove still does not start, the issue is probably not the remote control, and you may want to consider a service call.

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