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Note: The LCD displays on remote controls are sensitive to sunlight. Be sure to store the transmitter (the handheld part) away from direct sunlight, so that the LCD crystals do not fade.


Link to Owner's Manual

Quick FAQs: If the stove is not responding to your remote control, follow these simple troubleshooting steps (more details are in the owner's manuals; see links above). The handheld remote may need to be "synced" up to the receiver box within the unit. Locate the receiver box and follow the instructions below.

1. On the bottom of the receiver box, open the little tab door to reveal a series of dip switches. Slide the code switches on the receiver to your choice of ON or OFF position. Then open the back of the remote control and slide the switches in the format. The switches on the transmitter and receiver must match in order for the system to work. The system is now ready to operate.


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